It is a fact that everyone desires a beautiful smile, most patients at our dental clinic state that a healthy smile is the most striking feature after first meeting someone. Unfortunately, not everyone possesses a sparkling white, well-shaped, smile with perfect teeth. Our dental experts are striving to create Hollywood smiles with outstanding oral health through smile makeovers

What is a smile makeover?

It is a dental procedure that our dental specialists perform to improve, or perfect, the look of our patient’s smile through the use of diverse cosmetic dental procedures. It is one of the most in-demand procedures that are done at our dental clinic. 

What Does a Smile Makeover Do?

A smile makeover aims to enhance the smile by keeping in view different factors, including facial appearance, hair color, skin tone, shape of the teeth, gum tissue, and lips to generate a suitable and attractive smile.

The following are dental problems that can be modified with a smile makeover:

  • Teeth color: The color of teeth can be changed due to factors such as aging and diet, a smile makeover can alter the teeth’s appearance. The cosmetic procedure that can improve the teeth’ color includes in-office teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, or Lumineers.
  • Orientation of teeth: the alignment of teeth can be corrected with orthodontic treatment such as clear aligners or braces.
  • Irregular spacing: Our dental specialists are experts at treating Uneven spaces between the teeth with dental bonding or veneers.
  • Missing teeth: There are various dental procedures done by our dentist to replace the missing teeth such as dental implants or bridge work.
  • Teeth fractures: The dentist can recover the appearance of teeth with chips or cracks with veneers or Lumineers
  • Length of teeth: The length of a tooth can significantly affect the appearance of the teeth so if you have short teeth then our dentist can treat them with composite bonding or veneers to enhance the look of the teeth.
  • Unshapely face: Thanks to the technological innovations in dentistry, with the advanced technology dentists can revitalize an unshapely face through various surgeries.

The smile makeover treatment procedure

To guarantee an exceptional outcome and visually pleasing smile, the dentists at our dental clinic work with the patient to create a treatment plan. At the initial appointment, the dentist will perform an oral health assessment to know about the dental issues. Our expert dentists pay high attention to details and possess a cosmetic eye. 

Our cosmetic dentist will then check the teeth, gums, and supporting structures to decide whether the patient is suitable for a smile makeover. If any oral health issue such as gum disease is present then it must be treated before the smile transformation process.

If you are looking for a smile makeover then it is the best time to plan a smile makeover treatment with our expert dental team. When the process will complete you will be amazed at the final results and the amazing transformation! 

We have a team of cosmetic dentists and dentists specialized in various dental fields. Our dentists understand that an unhealthy smile can lead to a lack of confidence and can also impact the overall health of a person. Don’t delay your treatment and consult our dentists right away because healthy teeth mean a healthy you


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