Fear and Anxiety

You don’t have to be afraid of the dentist anymore when you choose Kingwest Dental Studio for your care. We specialize in treating patients with dental anxiety. Our experts will not only treat you with gentle, compassionate care, but IV sedation will allow you to experience dentistry in a whole new light. You’ll sleep through your procedure while Dr. Sobhi works to give you a beautiful, healthy smile.


Patients With Special Needs

Patients with special needs often have additional obstacles in maintaining their dental health. They may have difficulties brushing or flossing on a regular basis, and certain medications may cause a severe gag reflex or dry mouth. Dr. Sobhi uses sedation dentistry for special needs patients to overcome these issues, often alleviating the anxiety associated with poor oral hygiene in only one visit.


Elderly Patients

Patients over the age of 65 who have anxiety about their oral health or dental procedures are candidates for dental sedation. Dr. Sobhi can treat these issues while the patient stays calm and relaxed, until they awaken to healthier teeth and gums.


Extensive Dental Work

Sedation dentistry is an option for patients who require extensive dental work or multiple procedures at once. Rather than spending hours in the dentist’s chair with your mouth open and uncomfortable, dental sedation allows you to relax or even sleep while Dr. Sobhi works.