Are you wondering about a dental procedure that will completely transform your beautiful smile?  If yes, then we will tell you about the perfect dental treatment for restoring your teeth. The process is known as Cosmetic Dental Contouring. This will improve small flaws, and dental contouring might be the best solution for your smile. 

What is cosmetic Teeth contouring?

It is a non-invasive method of handling dental cosmetic issues and enhancing the appearance of teeth. The plus point about this procedure is that contouring doesn’t entail several hours in the dental chair to achieve the results of getting you the smile you’ve always dreamed of having.

Our expert dental team is striving to spread beautiful smiles, if you have permanent stain chips to cracks, the contouring by our dentists can address these small imperfections and improve your smile. Cosmetic dental contouring can address the following dental concerns:

  • Minor overlapping of teeth
  • Overcrowding
  • Teeth of unusual sizes and shapes


To confirm whether you are a good candidate for teeth contouring or not you have to consult our skilled dentists. The dental team at our clinic will start the assessment with an initial thorough exam which regularly includes X-rays to validate the location and size of the tooth’s pulp. 

Following the exam, if your dentist approves your teeth are healthy, you have adequate enamel for the procedure, and you are a good candidate for dental contouring, then we will plan your appointment for the cosmetic treatment. 

What is the procedure for DENTAL CONTOURING?

The dental contouring procedure at our dental setup is very smooth and the dental team provides the procedure with the utmost expertise. Following are the steps followed by our dentists:

  • In the first step, the dentist will mark the under-procedure tooth using a pen/pencil to highlight it \
  • The dentist carries out the procedure without the application of anesthesia
  • For reshaping the teeth, the dentist uses specialized tools to gradually remove small amounts of enamel at the surface of the tooth. 
  • If there are cracks or chips their edges are rounded or squared off as needed, and the teeth are shaped and smoothed on the sides. 

At the completion of the procedure, the dentist will check the alignment of your bite. The dentist will then smooth and polish your teeth, giving you the smile that you dream of. 

Remember that After dental contouring, you should continue to brush twice daily and floss, as well as continue your regular dental check-ups and cleanings.

Benefits of dental contouring 

There are the following benefits of cosmetic teeth contouring: 

  • The procedure is Painless
  • Teeth contouring doesn’t require anesthesia 
  • Lowers the risk of tooth decay 
  • Fewer chances of gum disease results from minor overlapping of teeth. 
  • Delivers permanent results 

What would be the cost of dental teeth contouring? 

If you are concerned about the cost of teeth contouring then don’t worry it is an expensive procedure. The cost per tooth for contouring ranges between $50 and $300. This figure may vary based on your city, dental professional, and dental clinic. 

Remember that you have made a great decision to read up on the procedure of cosmetic dental contouring. If you do receive the procedure of contouring, be sure to preserve your smile through proper dental hygiene and healthy home practices. We assure you an attractive smile for a long time to come so what are you waiting for? Book your consultation now!!