10 Foods That Are Bad for Your Teeth

You can also have Tooth decay, no matter what age you are. A dental cavity is a consequence of having a plaque with bacteria that feeds on the sugar you consume. In this article, we will discuss the 10 foods that are bad for your teeth.

Which food can lead to more dental decay?

According to our oral health experts, sugary foods will be bad for your teeth. The sticky food stays on your teeth longer, which gives the oral microbes a higher chance of teeth damage. Did you know that acidic foods can also be a bad choice? The acid can possibly harm tooth enamel so think before consuming sugary and acidic food. Let’s see what are the 10 Foods That Are Bad for Your Teeth.

Following are the 10 Foods that are Bad for your Teeth:


Did you know that Popcorn is a healthy snack alternative to chips? Although it can be very hard on your teeth too. It is always impossible to eat popcorn without getting it trapped in between your teeth. Always be ready with some water or a good floss after eating the popcorn.

Processed carbs

Your children might love refined foods such as white bread, crackers, chips or French fries. These are all simple carbs when mix in with the bacteria in the mouth, create lactic acid. The acid is efficient at eroding the teeth’ enamel.

The 10 foods that are bad for your teeth include Soft white bread and dinner rolls because of their sticky nature.

Dried fruits

According to healthcare professionals, dried apricots or fruit roll-ups are examples of wholesome, nutritious snacks. On the other hand, the sugars present in these fruits are highly concentrated due to drying them out. Apart from that, the chewy texture of dry fruits makes them susceptible to sticking to teeth. Remember that this will give the bacteria extra time to cause damage.


Do you or a family member like wine? If yes, then you should read this. Both white and red wine have erosive acids that soften the enamel. If you know you are going to drink wine then follow these steps. Firstly, brush your teeth beforehand to help lessen the amount of plaque that the wine can stick to. Secondly, you should wait for 30 mins after drinking wine and then brush your teeth. This will help to avoid brushing the wine into your teeth.

Citrus fruits

Yes, you are right that Citrus fruits are an important part of any healthy diet. But when you consume a high amount of citric acid then it can wear away your tooth enamel. This makes the teeth vulnerable to decay. To avoid the effect of foods that are bad for your teeth then start drinking juice with a straw so that some of the acids bypasses your teeth.

Hard candy

Hard candies stay in the mouth and It can take about ten minutes for some hard candies to dissolve in the mouth. Our expert dentists explain that there are no health benefits to eating candy. These are among the 10 foods that are bad for your teeth. Hard candy also has the potential to crack teeth, if you have any cracks in your teeth then consult our experts right away.

Coffee and Tea

Caffeine is certainly addictive and when you add sugar to coffee or tea, it will start damaging your teeth and gums. In addition, it can also cause staining teeth and drying out your mouth. Always make sure to drink plenty of water and avoid sugar to maintain a healthy mouth.


Crackers are fine snack food if taken in moderation. However, crackers are refined carbohydrates. The excessive intake of crackers can lead to chronic diseases, including periodontitis and gingivitis. Next time when you will be eating crackers, remind yourself that these are among the 10 foods that are bad for your teeth.

Pasta Sauce

Everyone loves pasta sauce but remember that it has tomatoes in it which are very acidic. The acidic tomato sauce breaks down the enamel on the teeth. After that, the pasta’s carbohydrates help to feed the bacteria that cause decay.


It is a fact that ice can do some major damage to your teeth and gums. It can damage your enamel leading to a dental emergency if you unintentionally chip or break your tooth. Always avoid such habits and maintain your beautiful healthy smile.


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